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Welcome to the Alaska Fishing Forum.

As with any group we have establish some rules of basic etiquette required to participate in our forums.

We strive to keep it simple but these rules are to be adhered to and are not negotiable.   

The Alaska fishing forum is intended to be a safe place for fishing enthusiasts, friends and family and those interested in learning about the sport can share about fishing in Alaska. We encourage all members to share fishing stories, photos, provide fishing reports and actively participate in our forums which are dedicated to the sport fishing industry.

With that in mind, remember that this is a fishing forum. Keep the topics in the threads related to fishing here in Washington state. Posting non related topics will result in a warning and if continued will end in removal from the forums.

Keep it clean. We pride ourselves on being a FAMILY oriented forum. Foul and inappropriate language will result in immediate removal.

BE NICE! If you do not play well with others, then go find a different forum. Those who are caught trolling or disrupting the overall well being of the group will be banned.

We understand that people have opinions and are entitled to share those opinions, but in an appropriate manner. being abusive towards other members is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.  

Lastly, advertising in not allowed in our forums. If you would like to advertise on our website please do so in our directory or for other options contact the admin. Our forums are dedicated to social interaction rather than commercial. We have several options for promoting your goods and services posting ads in the forum will result in your membership being terminated.

These are the basic rules of our forum, as we grow and evolve over time rules will be amended to meet the needs of our members. Thank you for participating in our forums we hope to be one of the best in the state.


Alaska Fishing Forum



John W. J. Snyder 



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