Fisheries scientists planning for climate change in the Bering Sea

02/23/2016 – J. W. Snyder – Ultimate Alaska Fishing 


A recent article came out from the Alaska Dispatch News stating that scientists are planing for changes in the Bering sea. What changes do you ask? “Climate Change!”

Climate change has become the number one buzz word for various organizations looking to step up to the government grant trauf, and rake in funding. In this case, the plan is to find ways to better manage Bering sea fisheries.

The North Pacific Fishery Management Council heard a draft plan for addressing climate change in the eastern Bering Sea earlier this month.

The plan was put together by scientists at the Seattle-based Alaska Fisheries Science Center, which is part of the National Marine Fisheries Service. Mike Sigler, program leader for the habitat and ecological processes research program at the science center, said the plan pulls together work that scientists there are already doing, and research they’d like to undertake.

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