ADFG Seeks to Amendment to the 2018 Statewide Stocking Plan


(Soldotna) – The Alaska Department of Fish & Game, Division of Sport Fish, Soldotna Office is proposing to resume stocking 9,500 Arctic grayling fingerling into Northern Kenai Peninsula Area stocked lakes in 2018. This is an amendment to the 2018 Statewide Stocking Plan, which will be included permanently in future years. The Division of Sport Fish is accepting comments on this proposed stocking of Arctic grayling fingerling in Scout, Tirmore, and Arc lakes.

Scout, Tirmore, and Arc lakes were historically stocked with Arctic grayling; however, stocking was terminated after 2015 due to budget constraints. In 2018, Scout Lake will be stocked with 6,000 Arctic grayling fingerling, and Tirmore and Arc lakes will each be stocked with 1,500 Arctic grayling fingerling. In 2019, Scout Lake will continue to be stocked with Arctic grayling fingerling and Tirmore and Arc lakes will be stocked with catchable sized Arctic grayling. Currently Scout Lake is stocked with 10,000 rainbow trout fingerling, Tirmore Lake is stocked with 1,500 rainbow trout fingerling, and Arc Lake is stocked with 1,900 coho salmon fingerling each year.

Please submit emailed comments to Soldotna Area Management Biologist Brian Marston at [email protected]or to Soldotna Assistant Area Management Biologist Jenny Gates at [email protected].



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