The best soft fishing beads for salmon and steelhead, Horker Monster Chomps

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Soft fishing beads are one of the most effective artificial baits for catching salmon and steelhead. Horker Monster Chomps has set the standard. Why? Because Horker Soft Baits has created some of the most effective colors in the bead game.

We also cook the scent into the plastic rather than just squirt it on the baits when we put it in the bag. You can choose from several proven fish attracting scents like shrimp, anise, and garlic. Another great benefits is that our soft beads are tough and last longer than other soft beads. Reason being is that we use a bit harder plastic to help extend the life of the soft bead.

If you want to catch the some real monsters, fish Horker Moster Chomps the ultimate in soft fishing beads.

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